I took a nap this afternoon. The nap was my response to a very hectic morning! I felt people running around in circles while I sat still on my chair. They were just running around. This nap was quite out of the ordinary. I believe I engaged in REM sleep. I had a dream that started out ordinary. You know, just a repetition of what happened. A punishment if you ask me. I dreamt of caramel. Caramel was all over this house. So sweet yet so, what’s the word I’m looking for, disgusting.

The only fond memory I have of caramel is in a biochemistry class when I found out that it was the substance giving rhum its caramel like color. It was, say, entertaining. Mababaw, I know. In the middle of the dream, the party planner for my daughter’s birthday called which woke me up. Up until now, I can’t still help but create sequels in my mind of what could have happened in that dream. The caramel was all over the place. If I were awake, I would for sure scream in disgust and ask who is responsible. But my dream was different. I was pointing at each “caramelled corner” in amusement.

Caramel was in my dream and the caramel of the hour was, too. The person making me feel disgusted and sweet in all corners was in my dream. Dreams are complex and subjective. In my dream, I was amused with caramel. In real life, I would open a fire hose to get the traces of that disgusting sweetness out of my turf.

Time to clean up.


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