Veronika Decides to Die – Abby’s Book Review

ImageDeath is inevitable. Generally, we choose the word ‘inevitable’ on such things that we don’t want to happen such as heartbreak, change, defeat and the like. It makes it easier to accept these circumstances when they DO happen.

Veronika Decides to Die is about a girl who chooses to end her life. She isn’t going through any pain. Neither is she in any difficult predicament. In fact, she has a pretty good life. Veronika is beautiful, she has loving parents, she has a decent job and she can choose to have any man she wants. Now, the downside to a ‘good life’ is that it becomes a routine. Some people would call it ‘boring’. I know I would. I am the type of person who is always looking for a challenge. I just can’t sit still, literally and figuratively.

Veronika took sleeping pills. An ample amount of sleeping pills, just enough to end her life. She failed and woke up in an asylum where a doctor decides to do an experiment on her. MEDICAL MALPRACTICE!!!!  Anyway… here is an excerpt from Veronika’s thoughts when she found out that she failed at her suicide attempt.

Since I only took sleeping pills, I’m not disfigured in any way: I’m still young, pretty, intelligent, I won’t have any difficulty getting boyfriends, I never did. I’ll make love with them in their houses or in the woods, I’ll feel a certain degree of pleasure, but the moment I reach orgasm, the feeling of emptiness will return. We won’t have much to talk about, and both he and I will know it. The time will come to make our excuses – “It’s late,” or “I have to get up early tomorrow” – and we’ll part as quickly as possible, avoiding looking each other in the eye…..There’s no point worrying about it. And I’ll accept it.”


That, alone, will make the reader conclude that Veronika is okay with failing at her attempt to die. The doctor induces symptoms on Veronika and makes her believe that she will die within a week because of the sleeping pills she took. This then becomes a challenge for Veronika. As she is faced with mortality, she decides to look back on her dreams, if she had any.  She decides to fall in love (yes, inside the asylum so yes, she falls in love with someone “crazy”) and live her life to the fullest despite the predominant circumstance she is in now.


EXISTING is different from LIVING. Merely existing will really take a toll on us. We are human beings. And although we get to satisfy our basic needs, there will always be a part of us that looks for more. No, this is not an issue on contentment. It is more of searching for your purpose in life, for the meaning of life. We come to a point where we want to be able to proudly say “My life is beautiful.”  As I would always say, life is an endless search for love, laughter and knowledge. There is always something to be passionate about. There is always something to be happy about. And, most of all, there is always something to learn.

Going against the norm! We were raised to be “normal”. Our parents would always teach us how to behave so that people would accept us. I admit, I am sometimes that parent. Of course, I had my share of hurtful words because I am different in some ways and I don’t want my daughter to go through the same thing. However, should being “normal” really be encouraged? Or should we just try to do our hearts’ desires? Even if these desires may be too peculiar to some.

Credits to: Ia. This is probably one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life, just like you.


2 thoughts on “Veronika Decides to Die – Abby’s Book Review

  1. this may not totally change my perception about how I deal with life but this totally changed how I view myself, somebody loves me and that would help me go through life. Dying is not actually a decision to make but it is choosing what would you die for. Thanks for making me feel extra special. bright book review, but i must say you did a brighter life review.

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