The Five People You Meet in Heaven – Abby’s Book Review

To begin with, you might think this book is too easy to decode. Truth is, it is one of the most unimaginative books I have read. Pop-religionist Mitch Albom has managed to write a book that is so suspenseful and emotional without that temperamental style of composition. In fact, it is almost like the main character, Eddie, is apathetic.

Just like what it says in the book, this is no ordinary one. It starts with an end. It starts with the death of Eddie who is a maintenance man at an amusement park called Ruby Pier. He dies and meets five people in heaven. Now, being the accustomed reader that I am, I couldn’t help but take the title as a challenge and try to decipher who those 5 people were without even starting to read. I thought of 20 different people. I can be too imaginative sometimes. I thought of saints, teachers, heroes, actors, FAIRIES?! The others are too embarrassing to even say.

The five people Eddie comes face to face with in heaven are people who will help him make sense of everything that occurred in his life on earth. Of course, it would be much better if you read it. The five people, for me, were disclosed in a proper order by Mitch Albom, each person unraveling secret after secret, in different degrees and with different sensibilities. It’s like your heart will gradually beat faster and faster as you go through the pages of this book.

I think what makes this a really great seller is because it dares speak about a topic that not every writer can squeeze a great fiction story from – life after death. This is how Mitch Albom sees heaven. I could live with his definition of heaven (or die with it, I guess).


Everything you do will affect someone in one way or another. You live a life surrounded by many more lives. Your life is as significant as others. Every time you share a smile or a hand, know that you can be changing their life because of that very moment. So never hesitate to do what you can, while you can.

Let go of hate. It’s funny how some people’s actions are being driven by their hate or their want to seek revenge. This is the ugliest way to live your life.

Most importantly, I have learned that all our sacrifices, whether big or small, are something we should never regret. In fact, the bigger the sacrifice, the better. It is proof that we are capable of loving without wanting to get anything in return.


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