Serum – Abby’s Book Review


Serum by Brett Chatz is one of those books that you won’t be able to put down once you start reading it. You just MUST finish this book before you go to bed. Twist after twist after twist. Twist within twist within twist. Starts of as a love story then ends out as what? That is for you to find out.

The story begins as Ronit Levy decides to move and work in Egypt to escape his very abusive boyfriend, John Rothman. We have all been in abusive relationships. It might be verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and the like. Whatever kind of abuse it is, it is tiring. And no matter how tiring it gets, we still don’t have the guts to un-love the person we already shared so much with. In addition to this, it is just really hard to move on. We would rather try to work with what we have now. A BIG MISTAKE IF YOU ASK ME. Good thing Ronit has the perfect excuse to escape John – work.

So Ronit has found a little bit of tranquillity in Egypt and learns little by little with the help of her colleague and new found friend Casey Rolf. However, being the very observant and smart person that she is, Ronit observed something odd with the operations of the new company she is working for. Of course, she confides in her new friend Casey but Casey has own confessions of himself. As all of this is happening, John is determined to seek revenge to the only girl who was ever walked out on her.

I give this book 5 stars out of 5. Really, the author has panned it out in such a way where you literally cannot put it down. Smartly written and the suspense factor is there from the first page until the last.


You can buy this book from these sources:

Serum on Barnes & Noble
Serum on Amazon 
Serum on Google


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