Deception Point by Dan Brown – Abby’s Book Review

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Talk about a scientific backdrop  !!! It’s like when you watch Big Bang Theory and you actually believe the characters know what they are talking about. Here, Dan Brown knows shit about Marine Biology, Astronomy and other related sciences.

This is a page turner! An intellectual thriller! It involves NASA and the US presidential election and all the dirt involved (the dirt you will love the most! ) There are some inaccuracies which I found in a forum about the book. The meteorite was 10 feet in diameter, and since it was submerged in water, it is expected that the density is greater than water so it should have weighed 15 tons instead of 8. But that won’t ruin the experience for you, believe me.

Somehow, I felt that the characters were complete. You know when you read something and you wish there was a wing man or a bitchy step mom. It is different here, it was the perfect mix of people hungry for power, for love and for recognition placed in the perfect location with the right people. I usually don’t talk about the plot of books in my book reviews because I want you guys to read it yourselves.

Credibility is a strong word. You are either credible or not. You can’t be half credible. And this is why once dirt is associated with you in the world of politics, your career is over…done… buttoned up… you can only wish to move on from all the embarrassment. The credibility of the characters was well circulated in the book. No one could have done a better job than Brown.

If you loved Dan Brown’s other books you will love this more. Which brings me to another issue. ..

Will there be a Deception Point movie?

I tried to search for it. I saw a trailer which was obviously patched up scenes of an exploding helicopter, an ice shelf, people experimenting, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria and others. I personally think that Dan Brown novels translate well into film so this would not be any different. If there was a movie, I would watch it for sure.

Dan Brown is quite the craftsman! Anyway, if you want an .epub copy of this book, just contact me on the About Me page

Over all, I give this book 5 stars out of 5!


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