The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – Abby’s Book Review

11870085This is John Green’s patchwork of pain, love and puberty that all souls can relate to. Well, mostly teenage souls who want to die or feel this sense of depth that no one else understands or are clamoring to lose their virginity. John Green knew how to cook up a recipe for success! This book found its way to the New York Times Bestseller List (which made the sales go up again and here I am writing about it so more people can buy it).

The meat of the story is girl (Hazel) diagnosed with cancer meets boy(Augustus) diagnosed with cancer in a cancer support group then they have major and minor adventures in between. The secret ingredient was that the characters were young. Thus, it was unique and typical at the same time. You kinda know how the story will end but you really don’t know what happens in between and how those smart ass kids will react. So how do you mix sex drive with flirting with cigarettes (oh yes there are cigarettes involved) with video games with over protective parents and then…. cancer…..  You have to read it for yourself. Dying can be funny after all.

The number one factor that made me finish this book in 2 days is the fact that I took too much pleasure in its intellectual humor. Rarely can you find this kind of book where you are continuously giving off little chuckles, to say the least. And don’t even get me started on the sarcasm. Gah! Admit it, we all love sarcastic characters because we all love our own personal moments of sarcasm as well! However, I thought the book was unbelievable. Mostly because I was the one reading it. You might say “duh, that’s why it’s fiction”, but then again, you would always want a story you can believe, a story you will love and a story that could possibly happen to YOU (please don’t think I want to have cancer).

Overall, it was a charming book. It was engaging and entertaining though I wish there were more pages. I’m not saying the story is incomplete, I’m just saying I would gobble up more of it if it was. Not like a sequel, but more bits and bobs in between. I still think the ending is perfect. It gets 5 stars out of 5.

I recommend this to people who would want a deeper or a “backup” understanding of death. This will put, at least, some comfort in your thoughts whether or not you are really dying. I also recommend this to people of all ages who want to engage in a reading habit. This would be a good first pick.


lime green




©2013,  Abby Ofrasio. All rights reserved.

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