Looking For Alaska by John Green – Abby’s Book Review


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Released: December 8, 2006

Author: John Green

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This book was divided in 2 halves: before and after. It is an unusual structure but that does not mean it’s lousy. If anything, I actually think it’s a great technique. The first half was great! It was enjoyable, funny, fast paced and witty. I was really into it. In the second half, the pace was too slow and I don’t see much relevance to most of the events. There were very few “awesome” moments. I was expecting a dramatic change in the characters and in the plot which I didn’t get as a reader. It just became too dark without any remorse or closing action towards the end. I was left with an everlasting suspense of what happens. There are no real answers to the mystery unlike in The Fault in Our Stars. Personally, I don’t like that. I always want the author to end it for me. Otherwise, no matter what ending I make up in my head, it will never be enough.

Just like other John Green novels, this was directed towards High School students or teenagers. He did a superb job, as usual, in bringing into existence the characters. I glorify his choices in this book! I hope, though, that the after part was as consistently entertaining as the before part because to me, that is one criteria of a worthy book.

The novel’s very juice is how man regards human suffering. The challenge was putting together thoughts of teenagers into this very delicate topic. Good thing the location of the novel was in a very prestigious school where students are expected to be smart. Just like in his other novels, John Green uses very intelligent characters, probably because he can easily level himself with them. The book was informative – a lot of trivia on the side.

The main reason why I give this book just 3 stars out of 5 is because I was never the kind to look for the Great Perhaps. At this point, I don’t really care what happens to me when I die simply because I don’t like to dwell on questions in life where there is just too much uncertainty. Different religions may have an answer with regards to salvation, death, heaven or hell and I don’t want to be caught up believing any of those until I know for myself. How about you? What do you think is the Great Perhaps? Do you believe that life is suffering?

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