Digital Fortress by Dan Brown – Abby’s Book Review

digital fortressSummary: via goodreads

Released: 1998

Author: Dan Brown

Buy from: Amazon

Another page turner from Sir Dan Brown! I am still wondering why The Da Vinci Code is more popular than this one. Anyway, I was drawn to this book again just like with Deception Point and I was fascinated with the plot. I easily fall in love with surprises, that’s why.

The main character in the book, Susan Fletcher, faces a life threatening situation that involves the NSA’s invisible code breaking machine encountering a “virus”, for a lack of a better term, called Digital Fortress which was created by this guy named Ensei Tonkado who was a former NSA employee. Susan Fletcher is a kick-ass cryptographer and has no choice but to join in figuring out this complex code because the love of his life, David, has been dangerously involved.

I like this book because I like thrillers with a little bit of violence in it. For some reason, Dan Brown loves to involve churches in his plots and there’s one in this one again. It may seem like you need to be a tech savvy person to enjoy this but the computer jargon is pretty easy to understand. If there are some you can’t get, it won’t really affect your overall understanding of the story. I was just a bit disappointed with the last 30 – 40pages. You know how you look forward to the last page to find out how it ends? Well, it gives it away in the last 30 pages. But I still love it nonetheless!

Read at your own risk. This is very, very difficult to put down. (Sorry for making it sound bad, but it isn’t.) haha! J Enjoy! I hope you guys give it 5 out of 5, too. It has a below 4 star rating in goodreads and I don’t know why. I just believe in Dan Brown so much. #fangirl

©2013,  Abby Ofrasio. All rights reserved.

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