A Dream About the Question of Existence

existence_quotes_51eef9089606ee27a541d18eExistence precedes essence.

The Dream:

I dreamt I was floating in the middle of the ocean. Beneath me was everything I feared about the seas. It had sea monsters, sharks, darkness, shipwrecks and chickens (because in my world, chickens belong to the ocean, not on land, where it may be unsafe to be around them). Nobody dare touch my fat ass in the middle of the ocean because I had unfinished business, apparently. A big, blue dolphin came to surface and asked me, “Why do you submit to your fears when you’ve so much to do on land?” I asked the dolphin back, “Is there really something I must finish doing?”

Is there?

I mean, 26 years is an ample amount of time to “figure out” what there is to be figured. But should we? Is there something to figure out? Should we really exert an effort to FIGURE.IT.ALL.OUT.?

As human beings, we have been blessed with so many capabilities. One of them being able to practice choice or what others love to call “free will”. I shall practice this right by choosing what I want to do and by stop trying to figure out what I should do. Besides, if I do what I want, at least I’m sure that I’m pleasing one person – myself. (Not that it matters to please anybody, but you get it.)

So dear dolphin, get the fuck of my business.



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