A Letter To My Past Self from My Present Self (Most Pathetic Post Ever)

Dear Abby From the Past,

Hi! This is the New Abby and I think this is the perfect time to tell you this – “I told you so!”

Oh how I vividly remember the relentless flow of tears from your tired eyes. I remember that day. In fact, since we are just one person, I painfully remember how it felt.

There was a pinch. You felt it in your heart. If there’s something about us two that have not changed since that incident and today, it’s the fact that we literally feel a heaviness in our heart when it gets broken. Like, it literally gets broken.

I remember you touching your chest, kneeling to the floor and almost losing your breath because of this experience. I remember you with so much pain and with no one to talk to about the pain. I remember you alone.

I remember that long letter you wrote about how you felt and how you would encourage yourself to move on. The letter, in as much as you wanted to, did not contain any anger. For that, I am proud.

Who would have thought you would emotionally be here today, with me? Now that you and me are together, I hope that you don’t sneak out on me and decide to go back to where you were a few nightmares ago. I don’t want to see you get hurt anymore. But more than that, I don’t want to see you suffering in your own happiness.

I love you. Let’s love you. And let’s pick it up where we left off – when you were planning a good life ahead.


The Present Abby


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