The OWL thing

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There was a terrible error in my brain a while back. Instead of putting emphasis on my answer sheet, I was thinking of running away. But I realized that that was just a phase that every sad person goes through.

Well, anyway, as the thoughts of running in the middle of a cornfield with a beer in my hand and a book in the other evaded my head, I started to think of what would happen in the corn field, say, if I ran into an owl that speaks. What is with this obsession with owls, anyway? So many have asked and now I shall answer.



Why not chickens or pandas or cats? Honestly, I don’t know. This OWL thing started not so long ago when it came to me in a dream. Then, for a moment, the owl was all I ever had. (Pucha ang lungkot naman!)

I don’t want to do my research. You will have to figure out the symbolism of owls.

Is this blog post really about OWLS?

No, it is not. The owl is my attempt to conceal a realization that I have gained. Today, I realized that I will be back there again, sometime, not soon. I just have to keep reminding myself that everything in this world is relative and temporary. 🙂



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