Is Life Benchmarked?

This owl is beautiful and it has nothing to do with this post. Just look at it, it's beautiful.

This owl is beautiful and it has nothing to do with this post. Just look at it, it’s beautiful.

I was walking from school to our paradahan ng jeep the other night and I saw a child asking for alms. I did not give him any because the law compels us to maneuver against begging but I smiled at the child hoping that it was enough. He didn’t have any money nor did he have food but at least he got a smile, which sometimes I believe is the only thing we really need.

Every time I see the underprivileged, I can’t help but ask “why such a partisan society”. There’s the overzealous world of the wealthy and the daily combats of the poor. The society mixed with various forms of media has an influence that is so strong that we, the people, feel like we are nothing if not for the money we have, that our place in the world is directly correlated to the amount in our bank accounts and that the monetary value of our things is what gives us the right to step on other people. Sadly, if you own something that shines, then it means you have a great life.

Who set this benchmark? Whoever said that being rich is the only way to happiness? Hey, I don’t have anything against being well-off. If anything, aside from security and my dreams of travelling, being rich is one of the reasons why I’m paying my dues in law school. It just surprises me that we can’t catch sight of the evil it does to us sometimes.

I love this world and I love this life. Not because it’s the only world and the only life I have but because I see how perfect this world and this life is. Perfection is relative, we make it so because there’s no real description of what is perfect. And that, in itself, is perfect as well.

I hope the world would share the same ambition as mine. I am such an idealist and though it sucks, it takes me to a beautiful longing of the future. I don’t want to describe in detail my plans because I don’t want to give high hopes to others and to myself. But I would love to let everyone see the world in my eyes and it would be so amazing to meet people who share the same sentiments as mine.

(Dami ko sinabi. Naantig lang talaga ang puso ko pag nakakakita ng mga bata na nasa kasalda. I am so lucky that my children are well taken care off and that many people love them to look after them whenever I am busy, which I always am. I hope these children in the streets find homes soon.)


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