Tips for Panagbenga Visitors


We’ve been doing this Flower Festival thing for years and every year, more and more tourists visit. A report shows that our city is expecting about 2 million visitors this year. That’s a lot! The Forevermore craze has made our city a go-to spot during weekends. The situation got out of control because the travel time was cut short via TPLEX.

We know we complain a lot about the congestion when visitors are in our city but we don’t want to deprive anyone of our beautiful hometown. So here are some tips/ guidelines so that all of us can enjoy this year’s Panagbenga Festival.

Tip # 1: Walk

Our roads don’t expand. Parking spaces remain the same. We encourage all of you to walk. I swear, all the noteworthy places you should visit can be reached by foot. Bringing your car to this year’s festival will ruin the trip for you. Don’t worry, our jeepney rides are inexpensive and our taxi drivers give back  change.

Tip # 2: Sidewalks Are Fun

You can find just about anything on sidewalks. There’s food, indigenous products, clothes, music, art and the like. In fact, I strongly suggest you to accept the challenge of not going to SM during your stay here. Everything you need may be found elsewhere. Besides, SM cut down a lot of trees (boo!).

Tip # 3: Watch a Band

Don’t watch a movie that you can play on your screens or illegally download, watch a live band play instead. Baguio houses a lot of talented musicians. I’m pretty sure that you will find a bar that has a band that plays the genre you like.

Tip # 4: Avoid FastFood

Don’t walk into any establishment that already has a franchise in your own hometown. Baguio people love to cook and we enjoy eating as well. I can assure you that all the local food establishments here serve delicious and ridiculously inexpensive food! Don’t forget to skip Starbucks and go somewhere that serves Kalinga or Benguet coffee!

Tip # 5: It’s Okay to Haggle

Just don’t overdo it. We’re very generous when it comes to selling our products. But please bargain reasonably. Besides, the thing that you’re bargaining for probably cannot be found elsewhere (especially if you’re shopping at the ukay ukay).

Tip # 6: Stay Away from Technology

Personally, I don’t like travelling with people who just stay in their hotel rooms or who are just on FaceBook trying to update the whole world. Just drop all those and put off the uploading for later. Baguio is one of the cities where you can literally stop and smell the flowers. So please do!

On top of those, just remember not to scatter, respect the locals and most of all, enjoy your stay!



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