Your Circle

You become desirable the moment someone you think is desirable walks in. This is a natural, offhand phenomenon. It’s effortless to laugh at someone else’s jokes if you genuinely think they are funny. It’s easy to appreciate the beautiful if you know that he/she is beyond the substance that you need in your life. It’s typical to make ways, break walls and build bridges when you know it’s worth it. BUT there is a danger, a simple one, fairly easy to comprehend, that makes all of these exciting events useless – the danger of crossing the line between reality and fantasy.

Our knowledge of ourselves is a big circle. This circle encompasses knowing what we want the same way that we know what we do not want (but sadly, we attract PPHHHBBBTT!). Since this knowledge is in a circle, we can’t really categorize the possibilities with the far-fetched possibilities (because, you see, everything is possible). I have met many people in my life and yet no one has captured my circle.

Some have captured my squares. These people know how to weigh things when even I don’t know how to do it anymore. They stretch 4 corners and create choices to make my life easier. Yet, they’re not enough.

Some have captured my crowns. When am I high? When am I low? How do I cope? Why don’t I care? I know it sounds like I have some sort of disorder here but be honest here, we’ve all been productive today and less-productive tomorrow (because, you see, everyday is productive).

Some have captured my hearts. The most unreasonable shape of all. It starts with the meeting of two curves that build such high and substantial trajectories at the same pace and the same momentum and end up falling diagonally to meet each other which closes all other possibilities for both people (me and him, you and her, us??).

Some have captured bits and pieces. When the squares and crowns and hearts are not joining the same party anymore, it’s just a mess. And it’s quite tiring but mostly embarrassing.

If it is a goal to meet the love of your life and share a circle with someone else, then that would be wonderful. Two circles not afraid to cross the dangers of the line between reality and fantasy.

Meeting someone great is great. Doing something great together is great. Staying great, while the other isn’t so great is great.

If number 2 and 3 happens, that would be great.


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