For People Who Cannot Understand Us Who Cannot Love Our Mothers: WE ARE NOT SORRY


You are not a plant from a seed. You are a human being brought into this world by a mother.

To be mistaken for a mistake was an everyday gripe.

To put herself before you was a luxury I would not complain about.

To be embarassed so very frequently in front of those who I do not know, was a household chore I had to endure.

To be handled as a tool for their own satisfaction was a daily habit.

To let people know of your weaknesses were mere coffee sessions.

To lash out on you as if you were a bottle of wine.

This was the life.


Some of us were made so comfortably and brought into the world without comfort.

Some of us were given many chances to run but didn’t because of we thought we needed a mother.

Some of us who loved by default because Religion textbooks told us so.

Some of us who were shields of their own shortcomings,

These people are us.


Those of us who create the best scenarios out of nothing is our strength.

Those of us who raised ourselves too late is our pride.

Those of us who created the best out of nothing is our legacy.

Those of us who continue to endure the pain and consequences of the wrong doings of our mothers.

We are the brave ones.


Not many people will understand. Not even half of those who judge.

We love and unlove so easily, because it was done to us.


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