Organizational Pains

Our house is a mess. I went to the kitchen and it’s a mess. The bathroom needs cleaning and the rooms are so messy that I don’t know which one to do first. I’m in the brink of calling house help from Maid Wonders but I’ve done that before and I guess, this time, I want to clean the house myself. This is going to be a challenging week of cleaning up.

My daugther and I are going to watch a movie at the cinema today and I saw this as a great opportunity to shop for everything I need for cleaning. How many sponges, gloves, detergents would I be needing?

I’ve given up on the laundry at this point and I’m going to bring them all to a laundry shop to have cleaned because I just can’t do that anymore. I put all the clothes in a big plastic bag intending to just throw them all at the trunk of my car and as I was approaching my car, I realized that it was dirty, too. Oh why did I buy a white car when I don’t even have time to squeegee the windshield. That squeegee has been brand new for 2 weeks. I bought it and didn’t use it..YET.

It’s going to be a DIY night tonight as I look for shelves, hangers and other cheap but very useful materials to organize everything. Seriously, our stairs is my office. I’m so used to a small apartment that I feel I need to dedicate my life to cleaning from now on. Haha. I can do this!

Movie @ 4

Clean @ 8

Back to Work by 10PM!

For now I shall bombard Pinterest for ideas that kill creativity but are surprisingly effective! And Lord help me to find at least 1 hour a day for doing household chores.


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