Thursday then THIRST-day!

I slept so well last night! Ang sarap talagang matulog kung pagod na pagod ka. Grabe lang. I locked myself out.. AGAIN. I came from a gig which was out of town with a 3:00 AM calltime. So you can just imagine how much I wanted to reunite with my bed upon arriving back in Manila and I wasn’t able to because I locked myself out….again. Sobrang makakalimutin ko talaga!

Anyway, bago ako natulog kagabi, I was able to set the things I need to do today. I answered emails, updated a million Trello boards, talked to 2 partners – so I am all set. The problem, I still feel kinda sleepy! Parang hindi pa ako nakakabawi. But what the hell, you gotta do what you gotta do. Mastery is the product of consistency, ika nga nila. 🙂

I will slay today because I want to quench my thirst tomorrow. 🙂


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