Feb 12, 2017 12:01 AM


The moments when you can’t help but smile and close your eyes and thank whoever you need to thank because you’re so happy – these are the moments I work hard for.

Tomorrow is another day of weekend hustlin’ but it’s going to be depressing as fuck because it’s a Sunday and somehow Sundays aren’t the same anymore. But Sundays, just like special holidays, are overrated for me. So I guess I’ll be fine.

Today, I lost the following:

  • My headset
  • The cover of the bottom of my laptop
  • The zipper of my personal makeup bag (HOW DO YOU LOSE THAT?!)
  • The new set of wipes I just bought 30 minutes before I found out it was missing
  • And probably my mind for a good 10 minutes. I lost my mind for 10 minutes.

I found some of those right away but some, I have no idea anymore. Everytime I fix my stuff, I find myself packing again because I’m on call and on the go and sometimes there’s no point. Can someone remind me why I even go home? HAHA if not for updating this excuse for a blog.

Love my life. Love you! ❤

Goodnight, earthlings! It was a great day!



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