Out of ‘SITE’

Seriously, the 2 condominiums they’re building beside ours is going to make our condo so not presko anymore. The construction site is such an eye sore. 

I hope the future neighbors are fun. As if I will want to speak to anyone. I haven’t spoken to new people in forever what makes me think I’ll start speaking to people who can afford new units..haha.

I was productive today. Got a lot of paperwork done, booked 2 new projects, got progress on the scarf im making (yes, tita goals ang mag gantsilyo ng sariling gamit) and most of all, I finally was able to list the changes I need for my website (not this one). 

I had to watch 2 hours of personal branding videos only because the course I enrolled in wasn’t enough. Surprisingly, though panned out all differently, the concept was the same. I guess I’m starting to finally take into gospel all the stuff I signed up for. I don’t get confused as much anymore. I can finally level up to the scary world of Digital Marketing. So cheers to the new headache i’m about to create for myself. Just kidding, I know I love the learning process. There’s always something new to digest. 

My friend slept over 2 days ago. (Sorry for my messy train of thought). She helped the cleaning lady fix my condo and I love how my bed side looks right now. 🙂 Thanks, Ketch. You know we get drunk when we’re together but we always do productive stuff the next day to makeup for our walwalan moments. That night out was a well-deserved one. 



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