On The Road for 24 Hours

I love this part of my job and schedule. From the South Side (near Tagaytay), meeting in Makati, back to Quezon City, Asingan and then Baguio in 24 hours. The drive from Manila to Baguio was a total of 4 hours (at ang tipid ng sasakyan ko sa gas! tapos ang mura ng gas sa Tarlac! haha).

Anyway, physical fatigue isn’t much of a predicament to me anymore since I’m tired all the time anyway and I know how to cope (wine glasses everywheeeerreee).

I loved the silence when I arrived in Baguio. Everybody knew that I was so tired and that I wouldn’t be in Manila so no one called me – ahhhhhh life!

What I didn’t know is this silence could be hard sometimes. The fast paced life has helped me cope with underlying issues I’ve had for the past few months. I was like “it’s okay I’m busy naman, I should let this go”. But now that there’s less workload since I’m on vacation, it becomes harder to let go. Thoughts revolve around same thoughts. I’ve read all my books and my eyes are getting worse so I have to steer away from eBooks.

So, here I am now, it’s 2:36 PM and I’m thinking of how to move on from this. How?


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