When You’re Good at Thinking but Bad at Thinking

You continuously ponder on what you shouldn’t ponder on. You think because that’s what you’re good at and bad at, too.

You give birth to ideas, generating scenarios, creating peg boards in your head simply because you can’t stop thinking. You want to accomplish so much. You promise to squeeze in this time or that time for this task or that task because you’re obsessed with progress and progress is what life is all about.

You think you’ve got it all figured out, that your unfaltering belief of how it should go is the only way to go because you didn’t go this far in disciplining yourself just so you can snap and endure the unknown.

You think of your satisfactory life and how amazing it is to be safe, to be sure, to be certain when the whole world is waiting for you to take a risk and yet that risk is not enough to push you to figure out that you are over and above, that life may be aggrandized by one simple detour versus what you’ve planned.

You magnify yet pretend to not magnify the glory of how it is to be you because you know you’re worth it and that people may not be worthy of you yet there are times when you sit and think if you are worthy, that you are the salt of the earth. You are.

You drive yourself to your limits, exploring what else you could execute to make the “most” out of your life when the truth is your own little bubble cannot be burst by anyone who loves you enough to even try.

Yet there you are. There you are and I am here and for the first time I am here not because I should be here because I choose to be here. I choose to think, too. I choose to not let my emotions get the better of me, too.

Because just like you, I am, too obsessed with progress, with learning, with exploring with diving into every single trip that could make me feel something I never felt before, checking into every room with a mystery door, knowing what was unknown to me 5 minutes ago and creating what I can to the best of my abilities.

I am, too. Whatever you interpret it to be. It’s me, too.


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