Turning 30 in 2 Years and Questions About Getting Married -_-

Last night, as we were having dinner, a new acquaintance told me that I have 2 years before I turn 30. And I just realized that though that’s true, I as hell am not worried about it. In fact, I am so secure with myself that I do not feel the pressure to turn 30 at all. There’s so much pressure going around about aging because 90% of the people I hang out with are either my age or older. And I don’t see why they all feel so obsessively pensive about getting older when I can see how beautiful they all are.

I’m not married and I can see that this won’t happen anytime soon;  but I like it that I’m single. No husband to tell me what to do and what not to do. I’m not closing my doors, though. I know someone out there is crazy enough to put up with my busy schedule, my job and my excuse for a life, as a whole. To be honest, despite so many setbacks in the past few years paired with my long to-do list that never ceases to exist, my life is pretty exciting.

It has come to my attention that, apparently, you need to be wife material before you can marry someone. I was asked, “if someone proposes, would you say yes?” Hmmmm. To be honest, what are the standards of being a wife and who set this bench mark so I can ask this person what the heck she was thinking for adjusting to a man’s needs. I strongly believe that you don’t need to adjust to a man. Being a wife is not about the quilts you sew, the baking skills, the need to succumb to every request and the skill to adjust to your husband.

Sadly, whenever I elaborate on those I just mentioned, I am deemed as someone who is so “manhid” or “matigas” when it comes to relationships. Girl, di ko naman sinabi na never ko pagsisilbihan ang magiging asawa ko. Ang sinasabi ko, hindi ko lang ibibigay ang buong married life ko sa magiging asawa ko. Because to be honest, who wants a wife who is all about the husband? Ladies, don’t. Just don’t.

***unapologetic for this because I know all you ladies out there are capable of so much more even if you feel like you’re ‘just a housewife’, you’re not. that’s a super power but don’t lose yourself. do something for yourself***


What they don’t understand is that it’s all about finding a soul who is as old as yours, a body who is in sync with yours, a mind who is as clear as yours and a disposition that is at par with your goals. Because if so, then you won’t need to adjust anymore.

And although I understand that no 2 people are exactly alike, I now want to adduce the argument that, DUH, siyempre kapag nakahanap ako ng gusto ko maging asawa, mag-aadjust ako ng hindi nawawala kung sino ako at ang pagkatao ko the same way that I want my future husband to be able to enjoy the same things, to be able to focus on the same goals and to not feel like our marriage is a borderline, screeching-halt screaming “game over”. This argument is love. Yes, when I find someone I love, I will love him and let him live his life as we live our lives together and age and shit like that.

Justly, I’m all good. If I find a husband, he just needs to know the right wine and when to pour it into a glass in front of my freakin’ face and he’d be the best husband ever. Low maintenance AF.


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